Don't spend your bread on lights, man! (by Leaf)

You bet your ass this article of mine wont be picked up by the establishment of marijuana based websites funded by the grow businesses in full germination now from all the legalization. They want you to spend the bread, and spend it every month like clock-work. And even if I was sponcered by one of those businesses I still wouldn't lay the shit on ya man, or my name aint Leaf Stoner.

So, brothers and sisters don't be led to believe you need to do it to have some decent weed or whatever you are growing indoors. It just aint so. And, funny, those special florescent lights always seem to burn-out in around a year or just in time to interrupt your flowering cycle, man. Just aint right. There must be a timing device in those bulbs. It's all for the money these days. But hey, keep smilin, love.

You may want to continue to use your HPS for flowering but it doesn't have to be that high of a wattage. Just keep it at 250 or 500, but certainly not in the thousands, unless you're a mass grower. You can use bulbs for your vegetation and supplement your flowering cycle with fluorescent bulbs bought at .....pssssss, over here by the 'rooting tray' .... Wally World. Other-words known as WalMart. Ya head me right, fellow pot-heads or medical users. (it's all rock'n roll to me) They have a great selection and very inexpensive and they last for years on end.

That's it, I left the proverbial cat out of the bag. You'll probably only hear it here from Leaf. There are two types of CFL bulbs from GE (energy smart) that have super great lumens for indoor plant growth, and both work great.

  1. 2700 lumens for $8.77 -good for 5 years
  2. 3800 lumens for $12.44 -good for 7 years  
You will also need reflectors that come in two sizes. ($6.47 and ones for $10.97) Yes these are also in Wally World. They are two isles down from the bulbs. There is only one thing extra that you have to do is remove the 'screw treads' that connect it together. The bulbs are too thick for the reflectors. The bulbs will end-up resting on the reflectors, but don't worry they will not get too hot in use and will work like a charm for years and years .... or my name aint Leaf ~!

So there ya go loved-ones. Oh and, cough, be careful if you piss there at WalMart, bells and shit will go off if your urine is 'dirty' ....just kidding~!

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