Don't suck in the fumes, man~! (by Leaf)

Hope I find you well and stoned, and well and stoned, and well and stoned, and well ...

When I first started to smoke weed I got head-aches. I thought it was the cannabis. I couldn't have been more wrong. What it was was the lighter I was using to spark my smoke. You guessed it, it was a Zippo lighter. Luckely my buddy sent my stoner ass in the right direction. He held the joint and lit it before putting it to his mouth and drawing on it, and, puff-my-gosh, it worked better. It was faint but I could still taste the lighter fluid, but hey, I didn't get a head-ache that time. I never touched the zippo again.

I even use this method with bic lighters, matches or a twig from a camp fire or a fire place. But what worked real well is the hemp twine that is specially dipped in bees wax for us stoners. Here's the link where I get mine.  Or you can always make it yourself. This way you taste nothing but the super taste of your god given medical cannabis strain.

So happy smoking loved-ones. Take care.

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