Cannabis Heals Broken Bones !

Is there no end to the helpfulness of this awesome plant !

Those trait blazing scientists in Israel are at it again. Let me hear a 'whoa man' !

They have treated broken bones with the non-psychotropic part of the plant(CBD) and have discovered that these bones are healthier and stronger after being treated with CBD.

This is another incredible scientific fact and another reason for us to question, what exactly are governments so hysterical about? Over and over it is proven that the plant has amazing healing qualities with little if any negative side effects.

We want sick people to access the plant, we want injured people to access the plant and we want health conscious people, who want a safe and healthy alternative to alcohol to access the plant. Our governments are behaving in a criminal fashion. You can’t make something that is healthy for the human body illegal, that is insane. If we don’t act together, the insanity will continue until we are all threatened.

Revolution anyone???



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