The Death of Marijuana Prohibition (by Leaf Stoner)

Yes, 'ol Harry J. Anslinger is surly spinning in his grave. It seems that there isn't a day that goes by that a country of the world or a State of the US isn't either pondering the decimalization, the legalization of medical marijuana or an out-right legalization of what he called the 'Demon Weed.'

So if you happen to be in the Altoona area in central Pennsylvania Blair County, Pennsylvania, be sure to stop by the Calvary Cemetery and put  your ear to that stone. You're likely to hear him spinning or crying, or both. I was going to say leave a doobie there but don't waist it. Rather sit and spark it with a friend and just leave the roach. You could plant some seeds around the stone but again this seems a bit waist full to me. Or don't bother dropping by at all, his spirit is long gone and soon his prohibition as well as his mentality will be as far gone in the past.

It seems a pity to me that a person of his intellect and standing in the government would give most of his life to conjuring up lies about a plant just because of his racial hatred. Not only is it sad for the many thousands, if not millions, of people's lives he was instrumental in ruining, and still ruining, but think of the legacy he has left for his family. You might as well never hear the name 'Anslinger' again. Wouldn't you change it if you were born with it?

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