Juicing + Eating RAW Cannabis

Raw Cannabis

Author: Dr. Edward Group

There’s no shortage of controversy surrounding the use of medical marijuana. Despite the copious amount of scientifically-backed data gathered over decades, if not centuries, which show that cannabis has tremendous therapeutic potential, many lawmakers remain hesitant to approve its use. Regardless, a growing number of dedicated researchers continue to investigate new therapeutic applications for juicing or eating raw cannabis.

For some people, it still remains difficult to distinguish between the plant’s medicinal and recreational uses. This stems largely — let’s face it — from the fact that inhaling the plant’s vapors gets you high, even when that isn’t the primary reason why its being consumed.
It’s not just anti-cannabis critics who have a problem with this issue. Many of the people who consume raw cannabis with a doctor’s recommendation have no interest whatsoever in getting high. For them, the plant is a safe and natural method of relieving constant pain and constant discomfort, and it’s euphoric and thought befuddling qualities are seen as nothing more than unwanted side effects. Fortunately, research is now showing benefits from eating or juicing raw cannabis.

Cannabis enthusiasts have historically focused on developing strains with the largest possible concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — the active ingredient in marijuana that produces the “high”. Medical cannabis growers, more recently, have been much more focused on increasing concentrations of a lesser known, but therapeutically more beneficial chemical compound called Cannabidiol (CBD) which has been proven medically to help relieve inflammation, convulsions, nausea, as well as inhibit cancer cell growth.By volume, there is significantly more CBD than THC, in marijuana. However, because of the way in which the two compounds interact when heated, the effects of the latter generally becomes the more noticeable of the two.
By eating or juicing raw cannabis in its natural state, this chemical balance is typically reversed. Meaning that beneficial properties of CBD completely outshines those of THC, and there is no resultant “high” to speak of. Drinking fresh-squeezed cannabis juice (similar to wheat grass juice) or eating raw cannabis as a leafy green vegetable, is fast becoming the preferred means of consumption for individuals in search of the plants health benefits, without having to lose their heads in the clouds.
I personally have not tried this but please let me know your thoughts on this as it is a very interesting topic gaining popularity for a wide variety of health giving properties.
~Dr. G


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