Cannabis ‘Soft’ Drinks

In 1995 the prohibition ….
…. of the hemp-cultivation was suspended in Germany and other parts of Europe. Over 26 different sorts of hemp can be grown by the farmers, but only after the famers-approval by the Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung (Federal Bureau of Agriculture and Food). Each variety contains the maximum amount of 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinole (THC).

There are many hemp sodas available in the US. Some are referred to as energy drinks and most display the ‘leaf’ to catch your eye and spark up the interest of the shopper. But in truth they all use a flavoring or go the extra mile and use sterilized hemp seeds in their preparation to have the taste of hemp. There is a company, however, in Colorado that broke the bong and offers the real thing for the next ‘Canna-Cola’ generation.
Cannabis-infused soft drinks have been around for a short time, a new brand, Canna Cola, seems to have the toke of the town. Not so much for the taste and refreshing thirst quencher qualities, but because of what else is in these twelve ounce bottles. Because all the other beverage companies in the US that has ventured in the hemp market has had to atone to the laws of the land and not use, or rather leave any THC residue in the preparation. And were not talking about a mere 3.0% now either, were talkin a whopping, can’t get off the couch, bend over and touch your chest, 35 to 65 mg. per bottle! You’re wondering how this company gets away with it? Why, it’s for medical purposes, of course.
Considering that the average dose of medical marijuana is about 25 milligrams THC, this product is a no brainier for patients who don’t want to smoke or vaporize their medicine. And, looking at the price, ten to fifteen dollars a bottle, this soda is alot cheaper than a quarter ounce of MMJ, and may even last longer. And they certainly aren’t a dumb stoner, they sell the bottles, the labels and THC-free versions of the soda to local manufacturers, but they will be responsible for making the sodas, and the price of purchases varies.
Canna Cola – Medical Marijuana Soda Pop – THC Infused
THC Infused Carbonated Beverages for Medical Marijuana Users – Orange Kush, Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, Doc Weed….;~)

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